Melding the art and science of medicine, Dr. Whitney James applies outpatient surgical solutions to alleviate brain, spine, and peripheral nerve damage caused by chronic pain, cancer, and other maladies. She specializes in minimally invasive surgical procedures with outstanding aesthetic results.

Captivated by an article she read in a vintage LIFE magazine, Dr. James spent her formative years avidly studying the brain. Through sixteen years of medical study and a residency in Tucson, Dr. James’ milestone achievements include a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience from Bates College in Maine; a research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health; a Fulbright Scholarship for medical research in Colombia; a Master’s in health science and international health policy from Johns Hopkins University; and a Yale University Doctor of Medicine degree.

A married mother of two, Dr. James balances her love of family with her passion for wellness and the health of the human brain and nervous system. 


"Dr. James recognized the issue with my spine immediately and got me treatment right away to prevent further nerve damage. She was compassionate and concerned, and left me with the utmost confidence in her abilities." 

- Nancy T.

Dr. James accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most other forms of insurance. 



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