Our supplementary therapies are designed to maximize the comfort and wellbeing of our patients. These holistic healthcare modalities leave patients feeling calm, centered and rejuvenated. Each treatment is available to add to any in-office appointment. Our doctors and therapists work with individual patients to recommend the best therapy to complement your visit.


·       Peripheral Nerve Therapies

·       Craniosacral Therapy

·       Yoga Therapy

·       Acupressure

·       Aromatouch

·       Sound Therapy


Northern Arizona Pain Institutes is pleased to introduce you to the Group Medical Visit program for Chronic Disease and Pain Management. Group Visits are the answer to providing the essential tools for chronic pain reduction, enhanced daily functioning, building relationships, and improving quality of life.


This new method of delivering medical care is the first of its kind in Northern Arizona. It has proven effective for hundreds of patients of Dr. Lisa Stearns, the physician founder of the program. At no additional cost to the standard co-pay, patients are building a toolbox of resources, taking control of their health, enhancing the quality of their lives, and finding joy, just as Dr.Stearns originally envisioned.


Our team looks forward to providing you with the supportive care you need to

live your best life!


“This was a great experience for me, I made friends and it was a social group when I didn’t have any social things in my life at the time.  It made me feel better about myself and my pain to be with other people that had pain – I didn’t feel so alone in my life anymore.”

Dr. James accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most other forms of insurance. 



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